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  • BioEnergetic Essentials


    8.5 by 11, 26 matt finished pages, Assorted self-care, simple tips and tools to assist with releasing stress and anxiety

  • Affirmations For The Body and BioField Book


    8.5 X 11, 33 matt finished color pages, abstract photos, affirmations, and body and biofield frequency, aspects, and related organs or body areas. Includes details for Chakras, Hara Line, Dan Tiens, Auric Field, Spine, Fascia, and Chakra connectors. Accompaniment for the Card deck of the same name.

  • It’s in the Cards Deck


    2 X 3, 93 plastic paper, water resistant, high gloss coloured cards, instructions, descriptions, double sets for games.  Sets include: Foot sensors (neuroreflex integration), Animals and Action (Tai Chi), Choose Love Formula with sign language, Formula cards (for assorted goals), Senses cards (and energy activators), Nature Movements (Yoga), Action and Emotions (Brain Integration), Neurovascular holding points (calms the nervous system), Compass cards (goal setting, awareness, and intention). Energizing tools at your fingertips to support wellness practices daily.

  • BioEnergetic Essentials


    Well-being practices are a choice we can make for ourselves. This book is an introduction to everyday activities that fit right into the day.