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  • Black tea with Maple

    Marvelous Miss Maple Black Tea


    Loose-leaf black tea in a silver packet.  Dark orange/brown this tea includes black loose-leaf tea with the savory flavor of maple and softened with honeybush.  The 50 gm, 3×7 bag makes between 15-20 cups depending on the desired strength.  The 100 gm 4X7.5 bag makes between 30 – 40 cups depending on desired strength. Sugar and Milk are not required.

  • Herbal tea

    Honey BEE Herbal Tea


    50 gm loose-leaf herbal tea in a silver packet 3 X 7.  Honeybush is the special ingredient added to this tea. The tea includes Apple, Rose Hip, Vanilla, Honeybush and Ginger. This serves approximately 20 cups.